Use Strong Body Language When Approaching Women - Proven Methods to Win Her Mind and Body

There is no way to overestimate the importance of body language and attracting women. Over 90% of all communication is non-verbal, so you are likely telling her everything before you even open your mouth to speak. Would you like a single tip that will increase your odds with women by over 1000%. Have confident body language. I know, easier said than done sometimes but if you read this and practice you are setting your foot down the correct path...

Maintain confident body language at all times

This means back straight and proud. Look people in the eyes and hold their gaze. The rest of your body should be loose and relaxed. You should stroll or stride around like you are the king of the world. If you act important and confident enough, you become important and confident. You may wonder why you would want to act confident even if no girl you wish to hit on is around. There are two simple reasons. One: Practice makes perfect and you want it ingrained. Two: You never know who sees you. The girl you might want to hit on in twenty minutes may be checking you out right now. Always leave positive impressions on people.

Body language at first glance and approach