The Swarovski Sun Catcher

The sun catcher is usually a sort of traditionally stained glass that is used as a window decoration; this simple device catches the direct sunlight in order to transform it into a real rainbow. The Swarovski sun catcher is usually used in order to provide this Feng Shui tip with a glamorous added look. The traditional sun catcher is not used anymore; even the so-called stained glass versions are still to be found in some homes but a person who affords herself a two sisters jewelry box is also likely to choose such an expensive item in order to increase the positive energy in his home.

Feng Shui states the fact that pure crystals are to be used in order to direct the positive vibes and energy so that the wellness of the house will be directly enhanced too. Different forms of sun catchers are likely to be found on the Feng Shui market and some of these are also likely to use pure Swarovski crystals in order to achieve the desirable results, namely the control and development of the inner energy. You can even choose to create such a sun catcher by yourself; Plexiglas or glass is to be used if you do not afford a pure crystal. But if you own a personal two sisters jewelry box, you can choose to have an expensive crystal that will make the difference in case of a festive and sparkling ornament that is likely to be used in various moments.

The variety of its shapes is also to be considered and you can include this crystal in the basic structure of a sun catcher thanks to its ability to reflect the entire sunlight in order to transform it into an amazing rainbow of colors. Even colored paper, beads, dried flowers and sequins are to be used in order to create such a sun catcher; the crystal will be added later or it will be removed if that’s the case. These types of window clings can actually be made by yourself; you can choose to paint plastic or wood in order to stick it directly to your window. A design that is created for plastic beads can also be melt in order to ensure the stability of the entire light ornament.

By using common pens and wax paper, you can actually turn your personal artwork into various sun catchers; their design can be ironed onto the paper to choose to hang. The crystals are to be added later and the two sisters jewelry box should not prevent you from hanging a cheaper sun catcher right on your window glass. Actually, these sun catchers are to be considered as a sort of reminiscent when it comes to older mobiles and they can be made of pipe cleaners and even some copper wire that is strung with beads.

All your personal ability when it comes to creating different artworks should be used in order to design and create fancier items that are likely to mark the atmosphere of a special evening or holiday. The pure cut crystals are to be added to these sun catchers if you are looking for a different touch when it comes to a particular moment of your life that needs its positive energy to be enhanced and controlled in the desirable manner. The natural daylight is to be used in order to bring positive energy into your life and Feng Shui emphasizes the fact that this energy is to be searched for in any positive and possible interior design.

By: Ckint Jhonson