The Everlasting Appeal Of Gold Plated Jewelry

India is a very colorful country, not just in its geography but in its people, culture and attire as well. Every region has its own special allure and shine. It is a diverse county with diverse cultures, but there are some common fibers that hold the medley together and prevent it from turning onto a melee of sorts. Jewelry is one such thing that is used with equal fervor across the country and every woman will own both basic and elaborate jewelry. Women are getting more experimental with the kind of embellishments they buy, but also like to have a good collection of traditional gold jewelry handy.

The country has a large number of festivals, and weddings tend to be excessive and opulent. Most people will end up using traditional Indian clothing during these times. It goes without saying that the jewelry that complements it will have to be traditional as well. Gold is now a very prohibitively expensive commodity and the time when you could buy gold on a regular basis as an investment is long gone. However, people’s tastes have not undergone too much of a change and gold still holds a special place in their lives. The next best thing to satisfy that gold-urge is to buy gold plated jewelry.

The base metal that is used in this variety of jewelry could be silver, or an alloy of silver and copper or silver, copper and nickel. The final coating or lamination is a gold one and the layer is very thin since a minuscule amount of gold is used. This entire process of welding, soldering and brazing various plates of metal and then coating it with gold is a mechanized one. The durability of the ornament depends on the thickness of the gold layer. One thing that you need to understand about gold plated jewelry is that its plating will start wearing out within a year, lesser, if its use has been higher.

This happens primarily because the silver in the base material reacts with the gold layer and literally eats into it and the jewelry starts losing its gold color. A lot of companies now plate the silver with copper before plating it with gold. This helps in increasing the life span of the plating as copper does not react with gold as much as silver does. In some cases, the ornament can also get tarnished as it reacts to sweat and grime. Despite this a lot of women will buy this jewelry as it is a cost-effective option to the real thing. The lower cost also means that you can buy several pieces and add variety to your collection.

Indian clothing tends to be as elaborate as the ornaments. Though sarees are popular traditional attire in several parts of the country, lehengas and salwar kameez are popular as well. These are available in materials ranging from cotton, silk, chiffon, polyester and several other natural and synthetic blends. The clothes worn on festive occasions tend to have more vivid colors and are decorated with beads and sequins. Very expensive, traditional designer clothing will be hand-embroidered and have swarovski crystals woven into them. In short- the Indian woman will bedeck herself in the finest clothing and jewelry that she can afford.

By: Vikram Kumar