Remembrance Ornaments Offer A Unique Way To Pay Tribute To A Loved One

Remembrance ornaments are meaningful keepsakes that offer a wonderful way to honor a loved one. These types of ornaments can be displayed in your home any time of year. You will find a variety of such ornaments available that include comforting verses or include a place to insert a picture of your loved one.

While remembrance ornaments are not only designed for Christmas time, they can make meaningful Christmas gifts. Many families struggle with the holidays after they have lost a loved one. It can be difficult to celebrate when a home is filled with so many holiday memories that included their loved one. A remembrance ornament is a great way to show that you have not forgotten about someone special in your life or to offer support to a family who has lost someone. Adding a remembrance ornament to a Christmas tree or other area of the home during the holidays helps families to feel like their loved one is still with them.

Remembrance ornaments can be kept up all year long or taken out on special days of the year such as the departed person’s birthday. Some ornaments include the words, “In Loving Memory” along with a space to insert the picture of your loved one. Others include meaningful words of comfort.

Most remembrance ornaments come with a ribbon or chain so that the ornament can safely be hung from any spot in the home. Some include a suction device on the back so that the ornament can be displayed on a window.

There are a great variety of ornaments designed to offer condolence and to remember someone who was very special in your life. If your loved one enjoyed the great outdoors, choose one that includes serene scenes of outdoor environments. If you will be displaying the ornament during the holidays, you will find ones with Christmas trees, snowflakes or angels engraved on them. These remembrance gifts may be made from porcelain, pewter or other attractive materials, and engraved with many different designs or words of comfort.

A saying such as, “There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart” by Ghandi is a beautiful way to express your ongoing love. Whenever you look upon the ornament, you will remember your loved one, all that they shared with you in life, and that they will always live on in your heart.

By: Renee Wood, MSW