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OMEGA-3: The versatile supplement for a strong body and a sharp mindВ В  by Nitin Patidar

in Health / Anti Aging В В  (submitted 2012-02-13)

The omega-3, which is known as N-3 fatty acids in the scientific community, has been known to be essential for the metabolism of our body but it is not naturally made inside our body. It needs to be replenished from sources such as fish oil and plant oils. Amongst fish and plant oil, fish oil is better, which has a richer concentration of this oil.

The benefits are very well distributed for over seventy health problems. It has been found to increase the physical strength of sportsmen and other people in general and it is said that when it is combined with proper exercises and training, there are just few other medications to compete against the omega-3 fish oil. There have many studies on the effect of this oil on bone and muscular strength, with all the studies, providing conclusive evidence that this oil is helpful in increasing your body's overall energy level and vitality. It also reduces the risk of having diabetes significantly.

The other benefits include the reduction in chances of occurrences of cancer. People have been taking the omega-3 fish oil for prevention of many types of cancer, like the prostate cancer and the breast cancer. The anti- carcinogenic properties are very essential in prevention of these diseases, which can happen to anyone. Another advantage of having this oil is that it helps in making your skin more beautiful. The omega-3 fish oil contains essential fatty-acids, which are required for the health of skin and the healthier they are, the better they look. This oil works by releasing the required amount of collagen and enhancing proper blood flow. It also builds a protective outer layer of the skin, which is the skin's defense mechanism to skin problems like dry-skin, acne, etc.

The consumption of the fish oil has been helpful even for the expecting mothers. The effect of taking omega-3 during pregnancy is a phenomenal increase in the health of the new born infants, which can be as much as 25% more than those, whose mother did not have this oil. One of the main reasons for this is the amount of DHA that is present in this oil. DHA is also a very good health supplement for the infants' growth and protection against diseases.

The omega-3 has in fact so many benefits that all of them cannot be listed here. It helps in the treatment of many mental problems too. It has positive effect on the substance abuse, phobias, manias as well as mood disorders and it also works to reduce the ill effects of the ADD/ADHD. It has been also known to cure various other mental problems alike. In normal people too, it has shown an increase in the cognitive abilities and memory capacity.