Must Have Home Accessories The Mirror

Certain home accessories exist that every home should have, no matter what style of home decor the homeowners may prefer. Of course, with so many different home accessories and decor items out there, you might be wondering why the mirror is a must have home accessory. After all, its been around for years, is it really timeless or just a dated piece of home decor?

Mirrors for Traditional Home Decor

With traditional home decor, the mirror you might want to consider to compliment the space will either be clean and rectangular or sleek and oval shaped. The oval mirror or the rectangular mirror can feature a beveled trim or traditional trim finished in a warm traditional wood tone that will compliment the existing home decor in the space.

Since traditional decor is so easy to come by, it will also be extremely easy to find the right rectangular or oval mirror to compliment this particular style.

Mirrors for Contemporary or Modern Home Decor

When looking for a mirror to compliment the contemporary or modern space, you will want to be a bit more crisp and clean. Avoid mirrors that feature a decorative trim of any kind. Instead, opt for square or circular mirrors rather than rectangular or oval mirrors; as these shapes are more clean and thus, more fitting into the contemporary home decor of today.

With the frame, look for frames that are clean and solid. They can feature hues such as dark espresso wood or crisp white. However, with modern home decor, its also acceptable to opt for frames that feature bold colors such as a red frame or a turquoise blue frame. Though its okay to utilize some color, avoid frames that feature any extra and unnecessary detail, which will detract from the contemporary style.

Mirrors for Eclectic Home Decor

With eclectic home decor, there is no mirror. You can have square mirrors or oval mirrors, mirrors with decorative frames or plain framed mirrors.

In fact, with eclectic home decor, consider creating a collage of mirrors that feature different shapes and sizes for the frames. You could also incorporate more mirrors such as concave or convex mirrors, which will add to the look of eclectic home decor.

Mirrors for Rustic or Industrial Home Decor