Manifesting Love 8 Troubleshooting Problems Attracting Love

In the last few articles in this series, we've covered how to use the law of attraction to manifest love in your life. Hopefully, you've followed the instructions and are already seeing ramifications of the life you want. But if you're having trouble-particularly if you're having the phenomenon of "negative attraction" (attracting exactly what you say you don't want or the opposite of your goals)-then this articles is for you. In it, we're going to cover how to troubleshoot problems manifesting the person or people of your dreams.

Some people have trouble visualizing things. It's probably the case that you just don't know how you already visualize, but even so, most things worth having require a bit of work and the ability to visualize is worth having. So, close your eyes and think of something you see every day like the keys on your keyboard-what color are they? Or your fridge, what color is it? How do you know that? You'll likely notice that you know these things because you visualize them.

Though, I've also come across some people that in NLP are called "polarity responders"-and these people have this funny mechanism that will get them to do the opposite of commands (a friend of mine is one of these and can be told to "feel really, really miserable right now" incongruently, and it'll make her burst out laughing over and over again regardless of how terrible she feels). If you suspect you're one of these people, just say to yourself something like, "I don't want to think about what my perfect lover would be like, that's stupid and horrifying; I want to think about Swiss cheese." If you're a polarity responder, you may already find yourself great at visualizing-things you don't want to see! If that's the case, then use that mechanism for your benefit and not against you by just telling yourself that you don't want to visualize the thing you do want to visualize. Just like how you probably shouldn't pause and think about all of the great things you'd do with the person of your dreams right now-should you? No, you should read the rest of this article and let your mind wander about it for you.

If you're not meeting the kind of people you want to meet, rather than accepting this as inevitable and settling, accept that you're working with the universe to get your goals. And there will inevitably be a bit of calibration that needs to go on. Start to notice the things you dislike and ask yourself whether or not you asked for them. Many guys focusing too much on looks will have this problem: they'll think all about what they want the girl to look like (and worse yet, what they "want her to do") and ignore what they want her to actually be like as a person. Then, they very often end up in a relationship-go figure-based on physical attraction that has problems because emotionally and intellectually there isn't much going on between them.

Remember, you're looking for people, not an object and you'll be much better off regardless of whether or not you get anything in the law of attraction to work for you. Etymology is helpful here: relationship is relatio, relationis is Latin for "carrying back" and -ship is from old German origin (scipe) for "a quality or condition of". In other words, a relationship is the condition of carrying (someone) back (with you into your life). So, make sure you only carry back the right people.