Key Plan So You Wont Be Late To Renovate

You've been dreaming of taking in the fresh air, wiping sand from your feet, hearing the sound of water squishing in your flip flops, eating

fresh catch of the day in your favorite restaurant, and taking life easy! Ahhh! Vacation. But where has this year gone? It's half over. Holidays are moving in with a vengeance. You realize how fast the first half went; but there is much to do. Where did the time go? Only five months until Thanksgiving!

You thought you'd do some renovations to your home and bring it up to date. Installing interior french doors instead of buying new sliding

door window treatments. You've been saving pictures and articles, but you haven't decided yet. Seemed like such a long time away, the holidays.

Your utility bills skyrocketed, and you'd like to know more about home insulation recommendations, green energy grants, and take advantage of the energy efficiency tax credits. You have read about the huge advantage of renewable energy.

You took pictures and made mental notes for window curtain ideas, experienced how nice the extra wide shower curtain is, and saw some

wonderful window arch coverings that you just have to have on your windows.

That cute Bed & Breakfast with colorful kitchen curtains and special bathroom tile patterns, and the retractable canvas awning outside. It

had several stained glass window suncatchers placed so colors of light danced in the room. You wanted to capture that moment and bring it home with you. The good news is you can!

You loved the contemporary look at the Inn in the city with a luxurious panel track system and matching blackout roller shades. You

gained great visual memories with the bathroom tile ideas, too. You loved the ultra-modern spa, the wall lighting fixtures were to die for, and you MUST have it.

Soon your days will be free for getting your projects started. Time is not your friend when it comes to getting things done. Don't wait until the last minute. It's impossible to get workers to start anything new around or near the holidays. Everyone has the same idea.

Be organized and be resourceful. There are some advantages of online shopping and DIY projects. But there are also times you need a