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Jinjiang's sports industry needs to become happy - Jinjiang, sports, sports shoes - footwear indВ В  by hi joiney

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The saying goes, opportunity favors the prepared. If you have an opportunity to be kind of lucky, so lucky Jinjiang sports industry is the largest three things: a happy time, space and a group of people to pursue happiness.

China Sports Industry Research Center, Professor Liu Qingzao made the following analysis: According to research,

When a country to solve the subsistence, per capita GDP reached 2,500 U.S. dollars, the demand for sports into the life clearly. The current output value of China sports industry accounts for only 0.3% of GDP, while the developed countries has reached 4% to 6%, obviously there is still much room for development. The current per capita GDP7000 Jinjiang dollars, per capita income of farmers 8,068 yuan. According to this data, Jinjiang economy is in the middle and late industrialization, the social level into the middle and upper income areas. This stage, are also active in the sports industry and sports consumption of growth, up by leaps and bounds requires a high-end platform that will help create a sports city sports for urban restructuring and remodeling of the driving role, help to promote the city of Jinjiang functional improvement and quality upgrading.

Thus, the State Sport General Administration in the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" put forward to develop sports industry. After three decades of reform and opening up, sitting on a rich material of the Chinese people finally able to march towards the door to the sports industry in the SAR. With the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Approaching, China's sports industry is accelerating. China's emerging sports industry as a sunrise industry, China's economic development is gradually becoming a new growth point. Jinjiang implement the scientific development concept, a new leap forward in the cut into the time is ripe. December 18, 2007, Jinjiang City, State Sports General Administration of Sport for the industrial base gave the sign. Shenzhen and Chengdu Jinjiang become the first three countries after the China Sports Industry Base, and is the only one approved to establish a base of county-level city, built the base is a good Hercynian building Jinjiang vanguard of the internal demand and the inevitable choice.

Liu morning convinced that: "it was not long, the sports industry will be rapid development in Jinjiang, people here will enjoy the sport to bring joy and happiness." Clearly, the development of sports industry in Jinjiang obvious advantages, especially in sporting goods manufacturing industry developed National leader, has been to Asia and the world; Jinjiang beautiful coastline and the coastal zone is hard to find the treasure the development of sports industry, which is not available elsewhere. In addition, Jinjiang, Jinjiang City, said Mayor Li Jian-hui with the development of sports industry, sports industry to build a good foundation for the city. It has over 3,000 sporting goods manufacturer, the production of sports coverage Sports shoes, Sports apparel, sports equipment and so on, annual output value of 27.9 billion yuan, selling products in more than 150 countries and regions. Among them, the sport shoes and shoes account for 40% of the total output of the same shoes, accounting for 20% of world production. In 2006, the added value of 9.08 billion yuan Jinjiang sports industry, accounting for GDP18.4%, employees 24 people.

For sport and health, to sport for fun. In the course of the pursuit of happiness, Jinjiang sports industry the way to show the elegance of Jinjiang.