History Of Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments have been and integral part of Christmas celebrations for years and it is a known fact that these have been teeming up with The Christmas tree for long. There are many myths, which revolve around the saga of the first use of Christmas trees. It is said that Christmas trees were first used in central Europe. These trees were a symbol of advent of spring and new growth. It is said that, such tress were first used by peasants to celebrate Christmas. Their Christmas celebration was linked with harvesting; hence, to make the celebration more colorful, they started decorating Christmas tree using different edible ornaments.

Transformation of Ornaments

Earlier, Christmas tree was decorated by edible ornaments such as fruits, candies, cakes, cookies and nuts. These were placed nicely to decorate the tree. In accordance with folklores, it was Germans, who first decorated The Christmas tree.

Later in early nineteenth century, edible Christmas ornaments were replaced by glass ornaments. They were first used in Luscha, Germany. It was the combined effort of a family, in which males use to do glassblowing, females conducted silvering and children made it beautiful by painting in different colors.

Arrival of Christmas Ornaments in Different Parts of the World

This German art stepped in England in Victorian era, when Prince Albert (husband of Queen Victoria) started celebrating Christmas at English royal residency in a way, how he used to celebrate in Germany- his native country. In late nineteenth century, North Americans also started celebrating Christmas with ornamentation of Christmas tree. This was introduced in North America by those Europeans, who immigrated to the American continent. Here, Christmas ornaments became a symbol of affluence and wealth. With times, they grew larger and became more vibrant. Bigger Christmas ornaments were a sign of more wealth while smaller were for poorer people.

In 1890, when the very first North American Christmas ornament seller started the retailing of these products, he was not sure about his business but within a very short span his business grew up to USD 25 million. But, Luscha was still the king of Christmas ornament production, as until 1925, almost every hand blown glass ornament was prepared there only. After the Second World War, many ornament makers took refuge to other parts of the world. Countries such as Japan and Czechoslovakia cashed the opportunity and started manufacturing ornaments for North American markets. Started with edible ornaments, this market is dealing with a massive capital in the present scenario and is all set to grow by leaps and bound in the years to come.

Vintage Christmas ornaments

Vintage is in fashion whether it is the old car of your grand pa, a vintage coin or vintage Christmas ornaments kept nicely by your Grand Ma's mom. Nowadays, people want to buy more and more vintage Christmas ornaments. These ornaments are supposed to be more artistic than latest ornaments.

There are a number of retail shops, which specifically sell or buy Christmas ornaments. These ornaments are available in an assorted range, as some of these are made of cardboards, glass, brass, tins etc. These are generally replicas of real vintage ornaments.

Old Christmas ornaments were generally prepared by sliver, gold, brass or glass. The list of real vintage ornaments include handmade garlands, small candles, wreath ornaments, fiesta dinnerware, brass bells and tins, pin boughs, glass balls, beads, tinsels, small porcelain angels, cute old Santa clause and magnificent Christmas dolls. It will not be exaggeration, if it is said that today's Christmas ornaments are follow-ups of old dazzles.

Christmas Ornaments- then and now

There are many reasons, which are driving people to vintage ornaments. These ornaments are also attached with nostalgia of people. Hence, metal-made, old tree top stars are often used with Christmas tress. These stars were generally used in early days, when celebration of Christmas with tree had just started. Wreath ornaments are another vintage decorative, which are again stirring the market of Christmas ornaments in presents scenario.

You can also find some hand made Christmas jewelry. These are highlighting the bygone Christmas grandeur. Years back, normally females of the family started making Christmas ornaments much prior to the festival day. These handmade ornaments were kept gently and in a secure environment in order to prolong their usage over a number of years. These were decorated wonderfully to leave an unforgettable impression on spectators. More dazzling ornaments were indicator of more affluence.

If you want to give a sumptuous look to your Christmas party, you must get some of the most astounding Christmas ornaments. These ornaments will not only give a diversified look to your tree and make it more vibrant but also offer you more praises for your great sense of ornamentation. To get these wonderful ornaments you can checkout several retails shops, which deal with trade of dazzling vintage goods; from here, you will be able to get some of the most striking ornaments. But in the case you miss the opportunity of hanging out at these stores, you can either go for a self-made replication of vintage ornaments to complete your Christmas Tree decor.