Guide To Buying The Best Quality Stained Glass Suncatchers

Adding a stained glass suncatcher to a window is a great way to instantly improve the feel of any room. Suncatchers come in all shapes, sizes, designs and themes. Some of the most fun sun catchers are those that resemble frogs, fish, bunnies, and other animals.

Buying stained glass suncatchers requires a few tips and tricks that will help ensure you get the top quality artwork you want. Nobody likes to buy something online only to get it in the mail and realize the craftsmanship isn't quite up to par. Follow these few tips and you'll find yourself buying only the best sun catchers.

1 - look at multiple pictures: hopefully the seller will have pictures in various lighting environments. Stained glass suncatchers look quite different without light coming through compared to when light from behind. Make sure any pieces you consider look good in both types of light in case you want to move the piece in the future.

2 - appropriate colored glass: one of the hallmarks of poorly made stained glass is that the color of the glass used does not properly reflect the palette of the intended theme. For example, are the skies made out of varied hues of blue? An advanced artist will go to great lengths to ensure only the proper colors of glass are used.

3 - ask for closeups of the piece: if possible, ask for closeup images of the stained glass artwork. Specifically look at the quality of the soldering. Solder should be smooth without many dips or extra blobs. If a suncatcher has smooth solder lines and joints, chances are good that the artist knows what he/she is doing!

4 - uniform solder lines: check that all the solder lines are uniformly thin. Random spots with wider solder means that some pieces of glass were cut too small and the artist didn't care enough to redo them. Solder lines should be the same width throughout the whole work of art.

Following these 4 tips should go a long way to help you buy higher quality stained glass. Lastly, look at some of the other stained glass made by the artist. If the other suncatchers are good quality, then you're in good hands.