Frost Free Heated Mirrors

Who would not like a frost free clear mirror welcoming in bathroom? Imagine spending time in front of a sparkling and de-frost mirror. Such an imagination can easily be turned into reality by installing a heated or a warm up mirror in your bathroom. The heated mirrors perform the essential function of keeping the mirrors frost-free and prevent them from mist.

Heated mirrors are a complete hassle-free product for the bathroom. Often after a bath, the mirrors tend to become steamy and frosty. Sometimes it also happens due to the weather conditions. These warm up mirrors perform the function of absorbing that steam and keep the mirrors clean and clear.

The heated mirrors are installed with demister pads which avoid condensation on the mirrors by absorbing it. The demister pads are ultra thin with a width of about 1mm. These pads are fitted behind a bathroom mirror. These pads are generally attached to the main switch of the bathroom and get started as soon as one switches the main bathroom switch on. The demister pads are ideal for the heated mirrors as they work noiselessly and are highly efficient. Generally a single pad is fitted into each mirror but it can easily be varied according to the size of the mirror. If the size of the heated mirror is larger than the normal size it can be fitted with more than one pad.

The advantages of a heated mirror are immense. Since the mirrors with their heating quality remain frost free and clear they do not require constant wiping and cleaning. Due to this, the mirror also gets fewer scratches and marks. These heated mirrors also prevent bacterial growth in the area behind the mirrors.

Thus, the heated mirrors are more durable and damage-free.

By: Su.J