Four Tips To Help Your Christmas Ornaments Last A Lifetime

Christmas ornaments find a way to wiggle into everybody's heart. A lot of folks have a couple of special decorations they have obtained over a lifetime, and others seem to get several brand new ornaments every year. One thing all of these Christmas ornaments share is memories. The good thing is if you treat them right, they can last a lifetime.

Keep your Ornaments Protected While They're on Display

If you've got kittens, dogs, or toddlers this holiday season, you should pay special attention to the way your Christmas decorations are set up. Nothing will crack your ornaments quicker than a toppling Christmas tree or energetic dog.

Aim to hang any delicate ornaments at the top of the tree, rather than on the bottom limbs. kids and animal friends love to investigate and play with nearly anything they're able to get their hands on, especially shiny and pretty objects right at their eye level. You can keep your ornaments protected and gratify inquisitive creatures and little ones by keeping

a small collection of plastic ornaments at the bottom of the tree, since they are much more durable and will stand up to rough hands (and paws). Just make sure that these plastic ornaments are free from small parts that might fall off and present a choking hazard.

Something is most likely to break each time your Christmas tree is knocked over. One of the biggest causes of a toppled Christmas tree is an animal or person tripping over cords that are run from the Christmas tree lights to a wall plug. Because most individuals don't place their tree directly next to a power outlet, it results in a number of exposed electrical cords that run along the side of a wall or even across the floor. E

nsure you wrap all of these wires together and secure them to the baseboards to reduce the prospect of somebody inadvertently tripping over them. A great way to do this is to secure them to the tree stand and tape the remainder to the floor with a heavy-duty tape.

Organize and Store Your Delicate Christmas Ornaments the Right Way

Getting your ornaments out of storage only to find that one of your treasured pieces is ruined is one of the worst feelings in the world. Thankfully for you, there are a great number of steps you are able to take to supply added protection for your most delicate pieces.

It is critical to put related items together when packing your ornaments away for the season. This doesn't necessarily mean related in theme; items that are comparable in durability, size, and shape need to be kept together. In this way, you'll be able to supply additional protection to all the ornaments that need it by way of adding a little extra wrapping material or making use of special storage containers made to support the unique ornament sizes.

Most of the time, the damage caused to ornaments which are in storage is the fault of the storage container itself. It's getting simpler to find the perfect container for every single kind of ornament you've got due to the growing number of storage containers available on the market. The key attribute you want to seek out is durability -- though delicate ornaments usually come in their own cardboard container, that box is quite frail and won't last for very long. So long as you place this box into a second more durable storage container, you will still be able to keep the decoration in its original packaging if that's your wish.