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Fitness Equipment Review: The Life Fitness Integrity Series Summit Elliptical TrainerВ В  by Jeffrey Atlas

in Other В В  (submitted 2011-07-25)

Working out on an elliptical trainer is a nearly perfect form of exercise. It is a low impact, jolt-free method of getting a low impact, strong aerobic workout. An effective elliptical machine will test you and push you a little further, making sure that the workout is still safe and efficient. In most health clubs, you'll find that the ellipticals are more popular than other types of fitness equipment for example, treadmills, steppers, and bikes. For those who exercise at home, ellipticals are a good choice because they don't take up much space, and are easy to use and adjust. These are some facts concerning an elliptical which is ideal for both home and commercial fitness locations: the Life Fitness Integrity Summit trainer.

Fitness Equipment: Key Features of the Life Fitness Integrity Series Summit Elliptical Trainer

We like the variety this machine offers, including user-defined stride lengths and 5 training positions.An exercise machine such as this Life Fitness version maintains a normal motion which doesn't have an overbearing impact on the bones and muscles. Employing an elliptical machine is an ideal means of achieving a complete body workout because it totally synchronises the upper and lower body motions and offers an extremely productive workout. We also like the heart rate monitoring system that uses sensors placed on the ergonomically designed bullhorns. It also has polar heart rate monitoring telemetry. Attachable TV, iPod and iPhone are also offered with this machine.

Fitness Equipment: More Data Regarding the Life Fitness Summit Elliptical Trainer

This particular piece of fitness equipment has a quick start programme and also a fitness test, which estimates your accomplished level of fitness. To accommodate perfectionist, it is equipped with a manual mode, and the random programme has many surprises and challenging activities. The sought-after fat burning, cardiovascular, and hill programmes will be included and also three distinct, trademarked heart rate controlled programmes. If you want some extra enjoyment, use one of the landscape workouts, like "Kilimanjaro," "Foothills," and "Cascades." The trainer comes with 6 custom workouts for speed training, interval training, cross-train aerobics, and 3 goal-based workouts for calories, time, and distance. Included also is an individualized cool down programme. Its console display will keep up with important parameters such as workout profile, watts, total calories burned, speed, resistance level, METs, heart rate elapsed time, and distance.

Fitness Equipment: A Few Specifications of the Life Fitness Integrity Series Summit Elliptical Trainer

The trainer will support a maximum user weight of 181kg. It has a 66cm stride length, which is sufficient for most people. It's self-powered, so it can be used anywhere. The weight of the machine is 160kg; it has dimensions of 173cm x 84cm x 185cm (length, width, and height respectively). There is a 90 days labour guarantee and also a 2 years limited service warranty on the electrical and mechanical elements. An exclusive facet of this trainer is that it has got numerous safety certifications, like CE, CEN, CSA, TUV, and UL.

Fitness equipment such as the Life Fitness Summit elliptical is an excellent way of acquiring fitness and staying fit.