Diwali - Festival Of Gifts


On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, exchanging of gifts is a common thing. People love to receive and send gifts to their love ones. It is a festival of happiness and celebration. We enjoy this festive by dressing up with new clothes and by illuminating lamps, fire crackers and also by eating different varieties of sweets. On this day we prefer to visit our friends and relatives house to congratulate them.

According to our mythology this day is celebrated because Lord Ram had returned back to Aayodhya (his own capital) after defeating monster Ravan, it reflects victory of truth over dishonesty. On this day we offer our prayer to Goddess Lakshmi too, as she is the deity of prosperity. It’s our believe system that worshiping Goddess Lakshmi and purchasing symbolic gold coins or silver coins, both are beneficial and brings peace and prosperity in our life.

Gift selection and impact of gold coins:

Individuals, who reside in India and those who stay in abroad, try to come and meet their relatives especially in Diwali and present varieties of gifts to them. Those who failed to visit their homes personally, complete their rituals by sending Diwali gifts through different modes, some send it by courier and some use online gift selection and sending process. Online purchasing is a good way as it protects you from hanging up many hours in traffic and viewing or selecting the desired gifts for your buddy. This is the safest and convenient mode of purchasing things of your choice in little time.

It is believed that Hindu deity Goddess Lakshmi is our mother and a symbol of good luck. So, buying Goddess Lakshmi gold coin on any festival and especially on Diwali brings good luck for us. We can also gift it to our dear ones as it is very costly and remark of richness. You can buy symbolic coins of other gods and goddesses too like of Krishna, Lord Ganesha, and Lord Balaji etc. Its craze reaches on peak especially on other festivals particularly on Akshaya Tritiya. The joy of celebrating Diwali comes one time in a year but process of preparation of this occasion starts one month before the event.

Suitable gifts for corporate:

If we work somewhere as an employee than this include in our duty to present some gifts to our seniors and to our colleagues. In the same way any corporate house should reward their employees with bonus and by some small gifts for pampering and exciting them. But selecting suitable and reasonable gift for them is a brain-storming task. Numerous of gift shops and online purchasing sits keep combination of Diwali gifts for corporate.