Decorating With Mirrors

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall!

When it comes to catching and reflecting light in your home, nothing does it better than mirrors. Long used to make public places look bigger, these same tricks can be used in the smaller confines of your home. The general idea when you use mirrors to decorate is to use them in a way that takes advantage of their light-enhancing and reflective qualities. Mirrors can be used to solve decorating challenges as well as enhance every room of your home

Try the following decorating with mirrors tips:

*If you have a wall just in front of the entrance then placing a unique mirror on that wall opens it up.

*If you want a hallway/stairway to appear wider: stagger mirrors on either side.

*If you want a hallway/stairway to appear longer: a mirror at the end will double its length.

*Wrought iron mirrors are popular and can be used as a home decor accent with most decorating styles.

*Collections of unusual mirrors can be used instead of traditional art behind a sofa or in a hallway. Start with a large mirror and hang smaller size mirrors around it for an informal, eclectic feel.

*You can multiply candles, flowers, etc. by joining together several mirrors with butt hinges and placing them behind the objects on a mantle or table.

*For a home full of antiques, you can choose decorative mirrors with similar antique style frames, such as gold leaf.

*Whitewashed frames will compliment the shabby chic look, and identical small-framed mirrors hung in rows will contribute to the look of a modern interior.

*Instead of the traditional wall-to-wall mirrors used to make a room seem larger, the trend now is to use a row of long, tall mirrors spaced across the wall.

*Make sure mirrors reflect only things you want to see more of. Do not place a mirror directly across from a laundry basket, or any generally cluttered area. Instead, you might want to place it across from a source of light, a favorite painting, or a window.