Christmas Ornaments New Ideas For Old Decorations

Most families have a collection of Christmas ornaments they display on their tree year after year. Often times, these ornaments are full of sentimental value. However, when you've been using the same ornaments for many years, they can also get a little boring. The important thing to remember is, you don’t have to part with your old ornaments in order to freshen up your tree. Hang onto those treasured items and find a new way to display them.

When getting ready to clean out an old collection of Christmas ornaments, the first step is to weed out any items that are worn or broken. Some things you may be able to repair easily, while others will need to be thrown away for safety reasons. Next, go through the remaining ornaments and decide what you want to keep. If there are ornaments you don't want to keep, but also don't want to donate to charity, consider handing them down to another family member. The gift of an old heirloom ornament might mean a lot to someone else in the family.

Now that you've got your old Christmas ornaments cleaned out and you've decided what to keep, the next step is figuring out how to display them. If you still want to display them on the main Christmas tree in your house, then consider ways to freshen up the look of your tree. If you currently use an artificial tree, you might want to consider getting a live Christmas tree this year, or perhaps just purchasing a new artificial one in a different size or color. Adding a new set of ornaments in coordinating (or differing) colors will spruce up the look of the tree. You might also consider new lights. For example, if you've always used multi-colored lights in the past, try using plain white. You'll probably find that your holiday ornaments stand out a lot more. You could also add some other types of decorations to your tree to make it feel new again. Consider adding strings of beads, tinsel, feathers, floral accents...the sky's the limit! For a really unique and whimsical tree, you can add almost any item and it will simply add character to the tree and make it more interesting.

In some cases, you may not want to put your old ornaments back on your main Christmas tree. After all, you've been using them there for years, so why not come up with a totally new way to display them? One option is to purchase another, smaller tree that you set up in another part of the house, and use only your old decorations on that tree. If your collection of old ornaments isn't very big, a small tabletop tree will probably be large enough, and these smaller trees can be lovely on an end table or buffet, in a foyer, or on a countertop in a guest bathroom.

Old ornaments also make a nice display in a lighted curio cabinet. Try accenting the display with old photos of your family around the tree when it was decorated with those ornaments. Old ornaments can also be very carefully placed down inside a large clear glass vase, bowl, or hurricane lamp. This is a beautiful way to display your ornaments, while still keeping them safe. You can then use the vase or bowl as a centerpiece on your holiday table.

Be sure to choose a good, safe method of storage for your old ornaments. When packed away, you don't want them touching one another, because they may get scratched or broken. Also be sure to pack them toward the top of your boxes. Remember, the more you have to dig for something, the more likely it is to get broken.

So next time you're cleaning out your holiday decorations, don’t throw out old ornaments simply because you're tired of them. There are many new and fresh ways to display old items. With a little time and creative thinking, you too can come up with a unique new way to display your old memories.