Are You Skinny Say Hello to a Sculpted and Strong Body Within Weeks

The most important nutrient required for muscle to build up is protein. Skinny people need to put on weight. That means their calorie intake must be increased. Saturated fats must be avoided and vegetables and fruits incorporated in the diet as they are high in their fibrous content. Protein shakes, eggs and soy products may also be made a part of the diet.

Nutrition and Exercises

Skinny people should work at building up their endurance levels. They usually have little or no excess fat in their body and so they do not have to work very hard to shed any excess pounds. Performing cardiovascular workouts is a great way to enhance their levels of endurance.

A great and easy way to gain muscle is to increase the body's metabolic rate. This is achieved by having small meals at regular intervals of around three or four hours. Protein supplements in the form of shakes are also essential for that hunky physique like Mr. Terminator.