A Strong Body Makes Weight Loss Easier

If you have being carrying around extra body fat then you probably knows how frustrating it is to try and lose it. Many people watch the numbers on their bathroom scale climb higher and higher when they know they are not eating any more food than normal.

The frustration increases when one looks in the mirror and the waistline continues to expand. In desperation some people cut calories, and/or carbohydrates/fats. But nothing seems to work. Maybe it is because of age that one's metabolism has slowed down right?

That is correct in the fact that as we get older our metabolic motors slows down and our body burns less fuel (calories). But it is not a person's age that causes it to slow down it is the loss of precious muscle tissue that most adults lose after the mid 20's. This is because our modern and sedentary world does not provide our muscular system with enough stimulus for us to keep our strength so our body gets rid of it as it does not keep what is cannot use. The old use it or lose it scenario.

But in a way it is actually good news because it means that if you want to lose excess body fat you are entirely in charge of this happening. To lose fat you just need to reverse the cause of your downgraded fat burning system and that is to rebuild lost muscle so you can increase your fat burning rate back to what it should be.

What a relief - and we do not have to starve ourselves or do hours of ineffective low intensity activity. That might be fine for walking the dog but definitely no good for serious weight loss. All we really need to do is a proper strength training program and you will be pleasantly surprised how quickly your muscle tone will improve and add firmness and leanness to your body.

A slow metabolism makes it extremely hard to lose weight. Strength training exercise is the number one to boost metabolism and make it efficient again so you can lose that excess body fat. To get even faster results ditch as much processed food as possible from your diet and replace it with whole foods cooked from scratch.